Saturday, March 12, 2011


It was an interesting day at the Durham Farmers' County Cooperative book signing event today.  It was like deja vu with several guests stopping by to chat.  One person had purchased a farm in Whitby recently and has been doing some archival digging to find out through municipal records, some history on the farm.  They had found several name plate stall signs and farm sign in the abandoned stable when they took possession.  Turns out the farm was once rented by a Morgan breeder.  That farm and breeder were neighbours of ours and it was this breeder that gave us our foundation stock 38 years ago.  The people were so anxious to get home and open their newly purchased book to learn more about the history of their farm and the horses that once lived there.
Another couple related to memories of the past and ironically one of them was in attendance when a tragedy took place at a horse show which is described in the book.  They too couldn't wait to read the book.
It certainly is a small world.  We all seem to be connected in some way.

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