Tuesday, May 29, 2012


In the thirty years we have lived on our perfect little farm. Just the occasional yips from the coyote but nothing of consequence happened. That has all changed in the last few years as urban sprawl meets woodlands and squeezes the wildlife out. The opportunist coyote is sticking around and causing havoc in the neighborhood. Recently we have lost all of our ducks but one and now our old mousers are missing. Everything is housed for the night in the stable. Finding the howling coyote right outside the barn door was a message that they were here and getting bolder. Now they are entering the stable at night and raiding the pens of our pet ducks. It's impossible to close all the barn doors in this recent heat wave. The horses would swelter in a closed stable. It's a quandary. For now the lone duck name "Peekaboo" is sharing quarters with the old mare LE who is her guardian during the long night.

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