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They are called the 'ghost dog' and my Zoey Pearl aka Sunshines Silver Lining is living a dog's life on the farm. She is a rescued Weimaraner who came to live with me in 2008. She was born in Michigan in 2001. She had a few foster homes before the crinkle eared dog found her permanent home at Trillium.

Zoey Pearl immediately found her niche on the farm. Her main job was chasing pigeons away from the barn. She was very good stocking and running the birds off. She learned to swim in lakes and finally this summer managed to skim the water with only her head slicing the surface. No more climbing up to try and reach the bottom. She became a strong swimmer.

There are so many little tales I could relay about her, but I will begin this post with her most recent life changes.

Back in June a roughly two week old baby pigeon fell from its nest in the implement shed. Trying to put the baby back in its nest was impossible as the height was too great to reach. So began the bonding process of foster mom (me) and the chick. Because of its rather brutish looking features, I named the bird Bruiser. It turned out to be very handsome or beautiful. Since I still don't know its sex, I still referred to Bruiser as "it."

To make a long story short, Bruiser has attached itself to both dogs; Zoey Pearl and Coconut. For Zoey Pearl this is a totally confusing situation. First Zoey Pearl had to leave the ducks alone and now her job on the farm is in jeopardy because of Bruiser. The bird's other sibling is hanging around the barn and Zoey has been found starring down the lone young pigeon. As she approaches closer to the bird, she softens her stance and turns away. I think she believes it is Bruiser as they look so much alike.

To add insult to injury, Bruiser lands on Zoey Pearl's head and rides on her back. Now that is really a bad image for a Weim!  Bruiser even picks at her toes and she begrudgingly allows this unwanted attention. Zoey Pearl shows great tolerance when it comes to Bruiser and my parrots. For a bird dog this makes no sense. Still my faithful and loyal dog obeys my wishes to leave certain birds alone.

I was finally able to get a picture of Bruiser on Zoey.

It seems like Bruiser has taken a fancy to Zoey Pearl. It is her constant shadow. As she hunts her prey of head poking pigeons, she has a decoy riding along her back. Bruiser decides to hitch a ride and watch Zoey Pearl stock and hold the freeze point from its vantage point on Zoey's back. It looks so insane that a pigeon is riding the predator that is in pursuit of its prey.

A few pics of Zoey and her buddy Bruiser.

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