Thursday, May 16, 2013


One Grateful Pigeon
As I walked the horses out the west door and headed to the paddock, I heard some fluttering sounds followed by tiny peeps of anguish. I soon forgot about the incident as I busied myself with chores. By late afternoon I had made my way to the boarder's section when the strange scratching and flutter began again. "Hum" I said to myself. "I should investigate that."

I pulled Limited Edition out of her stall and retrieved a ladder and flashlight. I steadied the ladder against the stall wall and climbed up to the top board probably 8-10 feet above the ground. There was space of maybe 8" separating the outdoor wall of the building and the stall wall. I pointed my small penlight flashlight down to the ground. I soon spied the creature held prisoner by the stout wood planks. A young pigeon had lost its way and was now trapped in the tight space. Goodness knows how long the bird had been there. Bruiser did the same thing last year but of course he was much more vocal asking for help.

I got a muck rake and tried lowering that down but alas the handle was not long enough. I then managed to find the broom with the telescope handle. At last, I could reach to the bottom. I talked soothingly to the frightened bird as I attempted to get beneath it with the broom and try hauling it up against one of the walls. Rats... it didn't work. So I went to the linen closet and retrieved a towel and wrapped it around the broom. Down it went into the blackness. I located the bird with my flashlight and after a bit of fishing, The little bird grabbed onto the towel as I gradually lifted the bird up. Steady as she goes. Just like a slow moving elevator, we finally reached the top floor. I gently grabbed the bird with one hand and brought it out into the daylight of the stable.\

Coming Up

It was thin and dehydrated. I scooped up some water from Limited Edition's water bucket with one hand and offered it to the scared bird. It drank like no tomorrow. I kept cupping my hand with water and it continued to drink heartily. When it had had enough, it climbed to my shoulder and buried its head in my neck. It was as if the little bird was saying THANK YOU. It nudged and my face and went for my mouth as it peeped its concerns. It was hungry too.

I decided to take it home and soak some duck pellet food in warm water for it.

Ummm.  Not Bad
The little bird ate some and look satisfied for the time being. We went back to the barn where it spent the next hour in a covered basket on the hay bales. Each time I walked by, it would peep a greeting. I continued to offer it food and water. Eventually it made its way out of the basket and watched me for the next half hour as I walked by it heading out to little Mount Trillium to dump my loads. Eventually it gained enough confidence and disappeared into the late afternoon sun. Free at last!

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