Friday, November 1, 2013


Here is a brief cover story about my first fiction book titled 3ccs still in draft. Would love to have your feedback.

Three CCs

By Catherine Sampson

Kate Bronson’s equine security business was a flourishing venture but one that would see more than the occasional theft or drug use. Murder and mayhem was not typically on the roster as she made her nightly rounds to wealthy clients’ equestrian estates. For top trainer Jake Crowley, life ended in a stall at Crowning Moment farm on a late winter’s night. A suspected accidental death, Kate’s quest to uncover the truth about Jake’s demise and find his sole heir would take her on a global search. As her mission intensified, she would be fraught with danger as she slowly unraveled a complex story cloaked in a shroud of lies, mystery and suspense. On the precipice of unmasking the killer, peril and misfortune would follow her every turn. Despite her vulnerability, Kate Bronson forged ahead in her determination to solve Jake’s murder and find the daughter he had never known.

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